If there’s one unifying factor about all homes, from the most basic ones to the most high-end homes, it’s that they could all benefit from an occasional upgrade. Modern home improvement upgrades, however, vary from person to person and from home to home. For this reason, there’s no one-size-fits-all project out there. What there is, however, is flexibility to do what works for your space and preferences. For this reason, we have created a comprehensive list of upgrades that you can tackle this year. Go through them and see which ones apply to your home best so that you can make proper plans for them.

1. Remodel Your Kitchen

Most people will agree that the kitchen is the heart of the home. This is why a kitchen remodel makes it our first modern home improvement item. A beautiful, well-remodeled kitchen will not only boost the home’s overall look, but it’ll greatly improve everyone’s culinary experience, which is a much-welcomed outcome for any home.

One of the improvements that you can start with when remodeling your kitchen is the kitchen cabinets. If the existing ones are plain, boring, or have become worn out over time, consider getting replacements to give them a modern look. To get an idea of what is in this year, go to Pinterest where you’ll find some inspiring ideas to guide you. Once you’ve identified a specific style that suits your tastes and preferences, engage kitchen cabinet service providers to either buy them or have them made for you.

The ideal kitchen cabinet services on the market are going to match you up with an appropriate cabinet maker after you let them know what you want. That’s because cabinet makers’ skills generally vary from one to another. A good number of them have specialized in a particular style and perfected it. This means that if your tastes lean more towards modern chic decor, you’ll need an expert who knows the best boards for that particular look. The appropriate cabinet maker also should also know the right door handles and knobs to fit your style.

2. Install a Swimming Pool

No backyard is complete without a swimming pool. If you don’t already have one, start talking to the swimming pool companies that you know. Keep in mind that swimming pools come in different varieties in terms of shapes and sizes, so before you enlist their services, ensure that you have the specifics of the pool you would like. For instance, there are below-ground and above-ground pools, and each requires a different skill to install, so ensure that you know the exact professionals you need to engage beforehand.

The ideal swimming pool company should go above and beyond the actual swimming pool construction. For instance, they should also offer pool cleaning services. It’s going to be easier for you to work with one company for all your pool needs as opposed to having different companies. It can save you a lot of headaches over time. That’s why it’s a good idea to talk about whether they offer after-sale services before you commit to hiring them. If they’re satisfactory, you can sign the contract and start the countdown to having the backyard swimming pool of your choice.

In the same breath, you can pick a different path and engage the services of custom swimming pool builders. This is in the case that you want a unique swimming pool with very specific details that are unique to you. For instance, to give you the feel of swimming in a real ocean, you’d need a customized swimming pool with an underground aquarium that’s visible while swimming. This will require the services of niche swimming pool builders. Weigh your needs and pick the solution that best fits your lifestyle.

3. Invest in a Hot Tub

A hot tub is one of the luxuries that you can’t afford to leave out as you do your modern home improvement projects. It offers a relaxing, warm, and cozy way to unwind after a long day of work. A quick online search will lead you to various hot tub options. Look for the one that can fit your budget and lifestyle best. For instance, an indoor hot tub is more intimate than one used outdoors. This means you can get away with having a smaller-sized indoor hot tub because it will most likely be used by just two individuals at a time.

An outdoor hot tub, on the other hand, should, if possible, accommodate more than two people at once. This means it ought to be bigger than an indoor hot tub. This may add to the complexities of getting one and fitting it. For this reason, most outdoor hot tubs require the skills of a range of professionals. On this note, a good landscaping service can help you determine the best place to have it installed, and also the best methods based on your existing drainage and sewer system.

The same local landscaping contractors that you hire should be in a position to inform you of the latest trends in hot tubs designs. They should then advise you on the viability of the said hot tubs. After this, they’ll allow you to make an informed decision based on the information you have. For instance, they may recommend that you go for an inground hot tub. Inground hot tubs are currently a trend that’s catching on in the modern home improvement community. That said, you might end up settling for a walk-in hot tub instead because you don’t fancy the latter.

4. Add a Patio

If you do not already have one, consider adding a patio to your home’s backyard. This outdoor space will take your house to the next level in terms of comfort, value, and convenience. Make the patio as comfortable as possible. To get the best patio, not only should you engage the services of a patio contractor, but you should also look for the best concrete patio companies in your area.

This is crucial because although creating a patio is a seemingly easy job, the cost of redoing a badly done job is expensive. A good number of patios are made from concrete and curbstones or paving blocks. The latter requires a high level of craft skills as they need to be laid properly. The nature of how they’re laid is so intricate that removing one will have the ripple effect of unsettling all the other pavers. This is going to be expensive on the labor cost.

In addition, if the patio cover is done improperly and you have to redo it, you’ll have to buy brand-new paving blocks or curbstones. This is because most of them will be destroyed in the demolition process. For this reason, don’t gamble when working on this modern home improvement project. Strive to get the right team right from the start.

5. Build a Shed or a Barn

Adding a shed or barn to your backyard will help you with a number of things, the most obvious one being creating additional storage. A shed or barn will offer more benefits than being a mere place to store your garden and farm tools. If designed properly, it will create design harmony between the indoors and the outdoors. To achieve this, you should take a few factors into consideration.

Firstly, you should refrain from having it designed as a stand-alone space, but rather, as a part of the home. To achieve this, the roof layout and other features should be the same. For instance, if your main house has a shingle roof, use the same roofing material for your shed. This will create harmony between the two. Another tip would be to match the exterior paint of your main house and the barn. This will make the two spaces blend beautifully and be harmonious.

6. Install an Indoor or Outdoor Fireplace

If you live in a place that’s usually chilly at night and in the cold season, one of the modern home improvement projects that should not pass your radar is having an outdoor fireplace. Fancy having you and your family gathered around a fire pit and telling each other funny stories as you roast marshmallows? Or maybe you’d like to enjoy a relaxing and dreamy night with someone special. This is something that can be achieved by almost anyone with a backyard. The ease with which this modern home improvement project can be done is what makes it one of the best home projects to implement.

To implement this modern home improvement project, start by deciding on the type of firepit you’d like. This could be either one that can be lit electrically or a traditional one that’s lit using matchsticks or manual igniters. If it’s the former, you’ll only have to shop for the ones currently in the market and select the one that tickles your fancy while also fitting your budget. If, however, you decide to go for the latter, it may be best to build your own from scratch.

If you’re particularly short on funds but don’t want to miss out on the firepit experience, consider making one using the resources in your compound. For instance, you can use old car rims to hold firewood. You’ll enjoy the same experiences that people with “proper” fireplaces get. The key is to use what you already have creatively.

7. Install Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

Another modern home improvement project that should not be forgotten is installing outdoor lighting in your home. Lights have the uncanny ability to lighten the mood of a space or dampen it. This makes it a great feature to use in a bid to enhance your home’s general mood. Consider having different lighting fixtures placed in strategic locations around your home. For instance, have places that require maximum visibility, like the patio which may need to be well-lit with warm white lights. You can additionally install dimmer lights on the walkways where you don’t need a lot of visibility. To get the best idea of where each lighting fixture should go, consult with your local lighting contractors.

Note that lighting bills are a recurring cost and are going to accumulate over time. As opposed to bringing you joy, they’ll end up draining you of it and subsequently your pockets as well. You can avoid this by getting most or all your lighting fixtures powered by alternative energy sources like solar and wind power. The solar system will collect energy from daylight and reward you with great lighting at night, all with no recurring charges. The initial cost for their installation may, however, be higher in the beginning, but it’s a once-off cost when compared to the recurring costs of an electrical system.

8. Revamp Your Roof

A roof is basically the main part of a home’s outfit and so it may need a change from time to time. This makes it a good modern home improvement project to work on this year. If you’ve had your roof for a decent amount of time and are getting bored with your home’s general look, then you just might need a roof revamping to give it a new modern touch. The roof revamping exercise can be done in very subtle ways or in major ways depending on the look that you’re going for.

For a subtle approach, you could do something like simply changing your roofing sheets from the outdated version you have and shifting to a more modern and timeless roof covering like Roman tiles or bituminous shingles. To keep it subtle, retain the color of the new roof to the one you originally had. A way you can modernize your roof in a major way is by adding skylights and dormer windows to your existing roof. To make it an even edgier modern home improvement project, install modern window additions that can be controlled smartly via your phone or another device.

The modern home improvement projects listed here can change the character of your home for the better. If they’re done correctly, they can add a touch of class that’s hard to miss and be durable. For this reason, take your time while implementing each project so that it gives you an outcome that will bring you joy and fulfillment. Take some time to also get the right professionals for each job so you can save yourself a lot of hassle in the long run.


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