Subway tile sizes

Everyone wants to love their home both inside and out. One easy way to do that is to design your house in a way that will make you most happy. Wondering how to do that? Well, one simple tip to help make your house look better and make you feel better in it is to look into glass tiles.

That’s right, glass tiles for kitchen, pool, and bath are great solutions to your design needs and easy ways to make it so that you and your home are at peace. And looking great while doing it. Here’s a list of 7 times in your day and life when you’ll love having glass tiles.

  1. Pool Parties
    The first example is when you are going on with your pool. You want to impress and entertain at the same time? Well, having a pool party is a great way to do that. Invite your friends and family, or have your kids throw a bash for their classmates. Then, impress everyone around with your beautiful mosaic pool tiles. Surely, that’ll get you some jealous stares that’ll secretly excite you.
  2. Or Pool Alone
    If inviting people over seems like too much of a hassle, just consider enjoying your pool by yourself. That’s right, you paid for it, so you should enjoy it. Summer is on the way, so when the sun is up and hot it might be time for you to don a suit and check out the water. Imagine jumping in and swimming around. When you open your eyes you’ll see beautiful colored glass tiles all around you. Isn’t that a glorious image?
  3. Relaxing in the Bath
    Or, you could have tiles for your bathroom. These could be bathroom floor tiles or wall tiles. Both are great and both can make you and your bathroom feel and look great. Imagine this, now you’re in your bath. You’ve decided to get the bubbles out and maybe even a glass of wine or champagne. As you relax, the glow of the candlelight will reflect off of the gorgeous mosaic design around you.
  4. Or In A Shower
    The same could be said for if you want to enjoy a great shower as well. There is a subtle boost to your day when you take a nice hot shower in a beautiful bathroom. As the steamy water trickles down, it’ll bounce off your body and onto your designed glass walls. Doesn’t that sound nice?
  5. Spa Days
    Also, it’s good to remember that mosaic walls are often included in spa retreats. So, if you want your bathroom to feel legitimate and authentic or if you want to give your house a special boutique feel, you’ll want to look up a few mosaic tile patterns. That way, your house will look just a little bit more professional and fresh.
  6. Family Cooking
    Of course, the pool and the bath aren’t the only places where you can install these types of tiles. The same goes for the kitchen as well. Having fun in your kitchen with it’s stylish flair are you whip up a meal for you and your loved ones. If you have a family with kids and all, imagine making a meal together. That family scene will be enhanced by the beautiful designed room.
  7. Kitchen Parties
    Or, if you’re feeling more festive, you can invite people over and show off your kitchen. There are plenty of events and holidays that involve heavy kitchen time. For instance, when it’s time for Thanksgiving, you can offer to host and have a bunch of people working in your beautiful room. Then there’s sports or tv show viewings, December holidays, family reunions, and more. There are plenty of times when you can showoff your kitchen and it’s great mosaic tile designs.
  8. There are many ways that you can apply the use of glass tiles and mosaic designs. From the pool, to the bathroom, and even to the kitchen. There are also plenty of life events and occurrences that will make these designs shine for all of their worth. These events listed here are just some of the events that could exist. If you consider getting the tiles, you are likely to find more.

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