The floor is the foundation of your home. If it isn’t made of the right material for your family and lifestyle, it can throw off the entire functionality of your home. Flooring can come in carpet, vinyl, hardwood, or tile. If you’re considering tile for your home’s flooring, consult these signs to see if it will be right for you.

      1. You’re spending too much time on floor upkeepIf you’re spending most of your day vacuuming your carpet, consider switching to tile flooring. Tile does not require intense cleaning. You can simply sweep it and spot clean it, and the floor will look like it was just installed. A quick mopping also does the trick for rooms with a floor made of tiles.
      2. The kids are having allergy attacksThe solid, hard surfaces of tiles do not attract or hold on to allergens, such as dirt, dust, and pollen. Instead of being absorbed into the fibers of carpets or rugs, these allergens stand out on tile surfaces and can be easily swept away. Any family members who have asthma or allergies will be less prone to attacks while in the home.
      3. You want flooring that flows from room to roomWhile tile flooring is primarily used in bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms, it also does extremely well in living rooms and bedrooms. When you have a home that keeps switching between flooring materials from room to room, the flow of the house can feel stunted. Instead, continue the tile from your kitchen into the other rooms of your home.
      4. Your flooring isn’t holding upApproximately 63% of homeowners choose flooring material based on its durability. Tiles are very difficult to crack, making this flooring option extremely tough. As long as a quality tile floor is well-maintained, it can last for centuries. Even if a tile does crack, the process of replacing a single tile is a fairly quick DIY project.
      5. Design is important to youThe options for tile design are practically endless. You can mix and match solid ones into different patterns or accent them with custom motifs. Manufacturers can be cut tiles into different shapes, like triangles, rectangles, and planks, to create interesting designs. Tile can also be printed to imitate the look of natural hardwoods and stones for an earthy design.

The choice of flooring in your home is an important one. Go with an option that is visually appealing to you and that functions perfectly in your home, and call a professional flooring company today.

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