Suffering through the mid-year slump is enough to get anyone down. You deserve to treat yourself this summer by tidying up your home and getting subtle statement pieces to wow your guests.

Here are some items of furniture that you shouldn’t live without.

Install that carpet you’ve been eyeing

Did you know that carpets actually reduce the number of allergic reactions within the home? That’s right. When carpets fell out of popularity in Sweden — up to 70% of carpets were removed from the country — allergic reactions spiked up by 30% in the general population.

Between pollen, pets, and other allergy pitfalls, you deserve the best carpet installation available. Choosing a fun statement carpet and decorating your space with contrasting colors will make your guests’ jaws drop when they enter your living room.

A massage chair

You never thought you’d actually have one in your home, but it’s time to admit it: you deserve a massage chair. With all the hard work you put in day in and day out, coming home and relaxing in your chair will literally rub out your stress like a magic eraser.

No new room is complete without new living room furniture. A massage chair will not only ease your stress, it will become a talking point with new guests and old friends.

A wild entertainment center

No one really thinks about it, but you look at your entertainment center a lot. In fact, you look at it as often as you watch television, which is more than we care to admit.

Watching movies, picking television shows, and playing video games are cornerstones to a good hangout with friends. When you have an amazing new entertainment center to bolster your hangouts, your guests will feel more welcome, more relaxed, and more amazed at your design decisions.

New living room furniture is the best way to bring life to an old room. Whether you’re looking for completely fresh living room styles or simply want to add subtle features that exude “chic,” Strickler Furniture and Carpet is the best place to get luxury furniture at an affordable price.

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