Duct Dynasty: Keeping Your Home’s Air Pure This Winter

You know that one room in your house that never gets warm, or the one that’s a sauna? Do you get energy bills that make you want to cry a little? Chances are, there are some unseen issues afoot in your furnace and air conditioning ducts.

Heating and cooling use approximately 48% of the energy in an average home in the United States. This makes it the highest energy expense for most. It’s winter, too, so you’re going to want to keep nice and toasty. Here are some things to be sure of when preparing your furnace for the long cold.

Seal Your Heating Ducts

The unseen arteries of your home’s heart, the furnace. The warmth originates there and spreads throughout the house, evenly circulating throughout. Perfect analogy. Remember those rooms that always have an off temperature to them? That’s due to faulty duct sealing. While that heat is traveling to your whole house, leaky parts in your ducts are letting heat escape. This not only leaves your house improperly heated but could do serious damage to your energy bill (no thanks). Seal those up to make sure your whole house is getting the heat circulation it needs and you aren’t spending money unnecessarily.

Clean Your Ducts And Change Furnace Filter

Duct sealing services are great, but what happens if the air isn’t clean? All year long, dust, air, webs, dirt, etc. builds up in your ducts. An air duct cleaning service is a quick way to make sure that your tightly sealed ducts aren’t just distributing dust-filled air throughout your home. On that note, it’s impossible to clean all impurities out of the air, hence your furnace has a filter. A clean filter improves the air quality and makes your furnace work better. Change it when dirty!

Professional Home Energy Inspection

Too often, HVAC maintenance goes overlooked. A crucial part of energy efficient homes is testing. Have professionals come in and test your house. They can see where your home loses energy, where air leaks out and in, and what you generally need to draw your attention to make your home more energy efficient.

This winter, whether you’re considering duct sealing services, a professional energy inspection, or just want to be more aware of your energy consumption, call your HVAC company and set an appointment. You’ll be surprised what you’ll learn and how you can drastically change the way your home conserves energy and you conserve money.

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