This video sets out to inform you of what to expect when you are going to be using a heating contractor.

To begin with, the video specifies that a heating contractor has to be in close contact with the home owners so that they get to understand everything that the client wants and needs. It is important that the contractor gets to take a tour around the house to gauge if there are environmental issues, if the family has allergies, if the home feels dry or damp, or if the house has been remodeled.

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This tour is called a needs analysis.

The video also gives important details that need to be taken into consideration, like the size of the windows and the direction they face, so the contractor knows how much natural warmth will flood the home.

When a contractor has gone through the home, they will then calculate the load size and come up with an accurate proposal that will be presented to the client. The proposal would have been drawn up from all the needs of the home and the client and the size of the equipment.

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