This video discusses the trends in kitchen design for 2021. In 2021, people are spending more time at home and using natural warm colors to remodel the kitchen. Popular colors this year are varying shades of light and dark green, blue, brown, and other earthy colors. Consumers are installing cabinets of natural wood and reclaimed wood in light and dark shades this year, say experts from professional kitchen remodeling services.

Many consumers are adding extra cabinets and a pantry as they spend more time at home.

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They need more room for storage and are choosing a walk-in pantry or pantry cabinets. Tiles for backsplashes have more color and distinctive designs this year. Handmade ceramic tiles are a popular choice for walls and backsplashes.

Smart appliances that can be programmed by using your cell phones are being installed especially smart refrigerators and stoves. Metal faucets and fixtures made of brass and copper are popular because they resist bacteria. Open shelves are not as popular this year but are used to show decorative dishware and art. More eco-friendly products are being used in the kitchen in 2021 for consumer safety and health.

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