If you are interested in learning more about tool and equipment rental companies, consider the basics of how these types of businesses operate. According to a study by the American Rental Association, renting equipment in the construction industry is at an all-time high with 93% of respondents reported having rented equipment in 2019. Construction equipment rentals typically will also offer a number of contractor supplies to purchase, including concrete supplies, hydraulic hoses and fittings, and more.

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These various supplies for contractors are useful when working on a number of construction jobs, including home improvement and commercial projects. It is important to understand what brands a tool and equipment rental company offer, to ensure quality materials and tools are being offered for rent. You should consider the many benefits of renting this kind of equipment, including the lack of need for storage, and access to some of the latest technology. For more information, contact a reputable equipment rental company like Ramco Rental to see the various supplies, rentals, and buying options they have to offer.


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