Roofs cost thousands of dollars. However, many roofing contractors inflate the bill or outright scam their customers. The effects of shoddy work are felt for years to come.

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Here are tips from Roofing Insights for making sure the contractor hired is not a scammer.

Make Sure They Are Licensed

The best roofers are licensed. Licenses are not required in some states, like Texas or Indiana. However, a roofer willing to take the money and time to get licensed shows their dedication to their profession. In order to keep their licenses, they need to keep up with education on the latest in roofing materials and techniques. Licensed roofers cost more but they are worth it. Get the license number. Check it with your state’s license board.

Get the Estimate in Writing

Never use verbal agreements when it comes to roofs. Always get estimates in writing. Otherwise, the final bill will be much higher than expected. Written estimates help the homeowner’s case.

Make Sure Water and Ice Barriers are Installed

Roofers may claim that ice and water barriers are unnecessary, but they are. Many states like Minnesota require that they are placed on all new roofs. These barriers keep roofs safe from leaks and warping for years.

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