One of the most popular home improvement projects these days is installing a solar power system. Solar system benefits are obvious. They include a reduced dependency on the power grid, continuous access to a renewable energy source, and reduced energy bills.

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Homeowners shouldn’t pass up on an opportunity to install solar panels, just based on these benefits alone. But, while these benefits are great in theory, how does a solar power system hold up in practice?

In the video posted here, a homeowner gives his review of solar system benefits after one year of having functional solar panels on his home. He installed the panels himself using A DIY kit, so the installation was very cheap overall. He calculated that his solar panels provided him with 13,140 kilowatt-hours worth of energy throughout the year. Since energy prices in his area are at about 10 cents per kilowatt-hour, he calculated that his solar panels saved him $1314 from his electrical bills. Throughout the year, that ended up being about a daily savings of $3.60.

Overall, the host of the video is satisfied with his solar panel system and recommends that other homeowners install similar systems if they want to save money and become more independent.

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