Spring cleaning means many different things to different kinds of families. And while one family may just think that spring cleaning is doing a thorough vacuuming around the house, another family may see the change of seasons as a time to make sure that they not only clean, but attend to the various projects that need to be completed around the house. From putting on a clear coat for wood surfaces that are showing a little wear to making sure that you have all of the screens and windows cleaned, this is the time of year when many To Do Lists finally get checked off.

For some families, spring is the time when it is time to attack major remodeling projects. The first step in many of these projects is painting a room. From painting floors to deciding on the kind of masonry stain that you want to use for concrete surface, selecting your product is important. In a time when more and more consumers are concerned with the content of the ingredients that they use, it should come as no surprise that more companies are offering products that are more environmentally friendly.
One of the main things that consumers are paying attention to lately are Volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These are organic compounds that easily become gases or vapors. Along with carbon, VOCs also contain elements such as hydrogen, oxygen, fluorine, chlorine, bromine, sulfur, or nitrogen, all chemicals that are dangerous to inhale. Consider some of these statistics about the paint selections that people make and the environmental impact that they can have:

  • 83% of travelers say they would choose an allergy-friendly room if they had the option, according to a study by the Survey Research Institute at Cornell University.
  • VOC levels, in both clear coat for wood and paint selection, over 500 ppb could cause problems for people with chemical sensitivities, according to a report by CBC Marketplace.
  • Studies have indicated that levels of several organics average two to five times higher indoors than outdoors. Even though they are on the inside, when inhaled they are inhaled they can contribute to several health problems.
  • 59% of travelers would choose one hotel over another based on availability of allergen-friendly rooms, according to a study by the Survey Research Institute at Cornell University.
  • Among children with multiple allergic symptoms, PGE-exposure nearly doubled the likelihood of developing allergic sensitivities to other allergens, according to Sweden’s Dampness in Buildings and Health study.
  • If you are installing new flooring or painting a floor, the best recommendation is to select an organic option and use VOC-free painting materials. If your current flooring is more than one year old, many of the VOCs will have dissipated already.

From clear coat for wood choices to various kinds of paint, it is important to make sure that you carefully consider the kind of paint that you want to use, especially when you are completing an interior room project. Making the decision to use an environmentally friendly spray paint, for instance, can help you make sure that you have the health of your family in mind.

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