Boise idaho real estate

Everybody knows that Idaho is the potato capital of America (and most possibly the world). But did you know that Idaho has more miles of rivers, more than 3,100 miles in fact, which is more than any other state in the country? Did you also know that at 7,900 feet, the deepest river gorge in all of North America is Idahos Hells Canyon? The unknown facts about Idaho do not end there, though. Shoshone Falls, also known as the Niagara of the West actually drops 52 feet further than Niagara Falls!

Idaho is a breathtaking and gorgeous northwestern state. The views and landscape offer stunning backdrops of majestic and rugged mountains, pristine lakes and river, and rolling hills. The beauty of Idaho in and of itself is enough to sway people to its borders. But Idahos affordability also lends to its appeal to those seeking a lifestyle that wants to embrace the picturesque outdoors. The cost of living in Idaho (which calculates housing, groceries, utilities, health care, and transportation costs) is slightly below the national average, giving Idaho the rank of second lowest cost of living out of 11 western states. The median home value of Idaho is slightly below the national average, too.

Idahos capital and largest city, Boise, is home to 185,787 residents. Boise Idaho real estate, which can be found on Boise real estate listings, runs the gamut. There are luxury homes and condos worth millions of dollars in Boise real estate listings, and there are quaint suburban homes with prices below $200,000 in Boise real estate listings, too.

Boise houses for sale and Boise real estate can be researched in Boise real estate listings. An example of some of the available homes in Boise real estate listings that are for sale include new homes, luxury homes, mountain retreats, ranches and farms, and condominiums. Boise real estate listings also include short sales and foreclosures. More.

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