Ever consider getting solar technology for your home, but don’t want to hire a residential solar panel installation service? The YouTube Channel, This Old House, discusses how to do a DIY solar panel installation for anyone willing to give it a shot.

Before you begin, you may have to ask an experienced electrician to join you on the roof with you for supervision. Considering all the electric components you’ll need to add, it would be a good idea to consider it, as some state laws may require this.

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If a certified electrician is with you, and you’re both secured with tethers, you’ll need to place some roofing shingles around the areas of your roof you want covered from the elements. Even though the panels are quite large, and are part of a “roof-integrated solar-system,” not every square inch (even with a massive 360W panel!) of your roof will be covered.

With enough time, patience, and caution, you’ll get those panels installed in no time. The average output for a six-panel array is 2.16 KW (Kilowatts). Be safe during your project, and depending on your area, your panels might even give some electricity back to your community!.

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