When you are making an interstate move, there are two possibilities to consider at the onset. First, you can hire an interstate moving company to do all of the hard work for you, or you can eschew the movers and the cost and do all of the moving yourself. There are a number of benefits to either option, mainly relating to cost and time involved in organizing your interstate move.

If you choose to hire an interstate mover, you will have to work around a prearranged schedule. When you hire a moving company, you arrange a pickup and dropoff date for all of your things. This requires you to stick to a schedule, that you can not change at the last minute. On the other hand, if you decide to undergo your interstate move on your own, you can work on your own time, taking breaks when you need to. The only timeline you have to make is getting out of your house before your move out date.

The biggest downside to making the interstate move on your own is the organizing. Either way, you will have to organize and pack up your house, but if you hire interstate movers, they will organize the truck. This is both good and bad. On the good side, packing a truck is hard work, so this will save your back. On the other hand, if the interstate mover company is careless, some of your things might get damaged. If it is a reputable company, they will reimburse you if you show that it is their fault. Either way, be careful when you pack. Do not accidentally pack something you will need immediately. Have a survival pack with your toothbrush, some changes of clothes, and anything else you think you might need before everything else is all packed.

If nothing here changes your mind one way or another, consider the price. Renting your own truck and doing all of your own packing will cost upwards of $100, depending on how far you are moving, but it also means you have to put gas in the car, pay tolls, and do all of your own driving. Hiring interstate movers typically costs around $1000, again, depending on where you are going to, however you do not have to do anything else except get yourself to your new house.

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