Owning a home is an exercise in patience and responsibility. Not only are there lots of moving parts that can potentially go wrong, but the upkeep can sometimes involve places on your home that are “out of sight, out of mind.” One of these chronically under repaired parts of the home is the rooftop, and especially applying roof coatings.

If you speak to roof coating services, they will tell you that roof coatings can help maintain your roof without having to replace it while providing other benefits. From energy savings to protection from the elements, allowing roof coating contractors onto your property is always a good decision to make. Follow along with us below to learn more about roof coatings and why your home probably needs one!

What is Roof Coating?

When we talk about roof coating, we are referring to a chemical compound that is sprayed, applied, or painted onto your roof for various benefits. There are more than a dozen roof coatings that can be applied to roofs of various sizes, shapes, and materials that are chosen based on the needs of the homeowner are, but all protect or enhance the properties of the roof to make it last longer and be more efficient. Often an afterthought when it comes to home maintenance, it’s an easy way to preserve the value of your home. By talking with a roof coating services company such as Blue Coyote Painting, you can try and determine whether elastomeric, reflective, or polymer-modified roof coatings are right for your home.

What are the Types of Roof Coatings?

As mentioned previously, the most common types of roof coatings are elastomeric, reflective, or polymer-modified, and they all serve different purposes. Elastomeric coatings have flexible properties that allow them to expand in heat and not crack or break with building movement. Reflective roof coatings reflect the sun’s rays and can be used to cool a building (sometimes by up to 60 degrees!) with minimal effort and increase energy efficiency of the structure. Polymer-Modified roof coatings can be a little bit more intricate, consisting of specialized roof coatings that allow building movement, expansion, and offer unique protection for specific materials. If you’re confused about which one is right for your home, talking to a roof coating contractor will be the first step toward sorting it out!

How Does it Help My Home?

Roof coatings, no matter which one you end up choosing, help seal in the materials of your roof and protect it from the elements. If you’ve chosen a reflective or polymer-modified version, then you might also gain extra benefits from the unique properties of these coatings. Instead of having to constantly replace shingles or observe your roof for damage, getting a quality roof coating can help “seal in” the best qualities of your roof and preserve its protection for longer. In a way, this helps preserve the value of your home and is a lot like doing maintenance on your roof or driveway with seal coating. Unless you love paying lots of money to replace or fix your roof every couple of years, getting a quality roof coating is the best option for most homeowners.

When Your Roof Wears a Coat, It Won’t Be Left Out in the Cold!

So there you have it: not only is roof coating an important piece of maintenance for your home, but it can literally help your home stay cooler and be protected from the elements. If you’ve got a specialized structure that is made of unique materials and needs to move every so often, you can also choose polymer-modified roof coatings for that purpose. So when you want quality roof coatings combined with friendly service, make sure you choose Blue Coyote Painting for all your needs!

Not only can Blue Coyote help you with roof coatings and paint concerns, but they can easily customize and match existing paint as well. While you may be able to walk into a home improvement store and choose from hundreds of options right off the shelf, a professional painter can introduce you to options that you might never find on your own. Therefore, it’s always worth calling Blue Coyote Painting to find out how your home’s exterior and interior could be looking stellar!

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