According to a survey by HomeGoods, only 20% of Americans say they feel happy with their home decor. However, up to 47% of Americans say they haven’t changed their home decor in the past five years.

Your happiness with your home decor is essential, not only because it says a lot about who you are but also because your decor is what makes your house feel like home. This is especially important in the bedroom, which is your space to relax and unwind.

That being said, here are a few ways you can begin to change up the look in your bedroom for a cozier, happier space.

  1. Give yourself an accent wall. Neutral colors are great, but an accent wall can help to bring an entire room together. This is especially true if you don’t have a headboard for your bed. The different color serves as its own kind of headboard.
  2. Layer your rugs. Rug layering is a great way to make a space feel extra cozy and comfortable. It also provides an eclectic look even if you’re using rugs that are in your color palette or neutral toned.
  3. Don’t block the window with your bed. A common thing homeowners do is place their bed up against the window in their bedroom. However, this can block a lot of your room’s natural light. Keep your bed against the opposing wall or against one of the side walls instead.
  4. Use a colorful nightstand. If your bedroom decor has been looking a little dull, consider brightening up the room with a colorful nightstand. It may be just what you need for an extra pop of color in a neutral room.
  5. Use textiles as a headboard. A rug or another large textile can easily serve as both a headboard and a piece of art for your room. What’s more, this bedroom decor will add additional textures to your room, which helps to give a cozier vibe.

It’s important for your bedroom to feel cozy, comfortable, and safe because it’s where you relax and lay your head at night. For this reason, your bedroom furniture needs to reflect not only your personality but also a calming atmosphere.

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