Some homeowners think that it will be obvious when their roof is leaking. While sometimes it is, there are plenty of subtle signs that point to a leaking roof. Here are some warning signs that you might be in need of leaking roof repairs.

Water stains on the ceiling

One of the more obvious signs that your roof is leaking is water stains on your ceiling. Water doesn’t necessarily drip straight down though; it can travel along roof panels or lumber in the attic before dripping onto your insulation and leaving yellow spots on your ceiling. Water spots on the ceiling could be from something other than a leaking roof, but if you notice the spot darkening, getting bigger, or appearing after it rains, it’s probably from the roof.

Water spots on exterior walls

Another sign that you need leaking roof repair is if you notice water spots on your exterior walls. As with water spots on the ceiling, if the damage gets worse after it rains, the problem is probably with the flashing. Replacing the flashing is a tough job, so it’s best to leave it to the professional roofers.

It leaks when it rains

This sign is probably the most obvious one. It’s raining out, and you have to put buckets all over the house because the rain is coming in. That happens when there is significant cracks or even holes in your roofing system. Just one inch of rainfall pours nearly 1,500 gallons of water onto your roof, and that might be coming into your house. You also might notice the water coming in when it snows, and then starts to warm up a few days later. The snow or ice is melting and getting into your home.

Missing shingles

Shingles have sealant underneath their underside that helps hold the shingles in place. If the shingles become old and brittle, the sealant can fail and the shingles, even when properly nailed down, can come loose with severe winds. When the shingles come loose, they need to be replaced because water, debris, and even small critters can get into your home through those openings.

Shingles are cupping

Shingles are supposed to lay flat on your roof, but when they get worn out, sometimes they start to cup and curl. The cupped shingles can allow water to come in your home if there is a severe rain or even snowstorm.

If you notice these signs, give us a call today for leaking roof repairs. We can help restore your roof so it’s looking brand new again.

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